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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. the middle of it. you're looking live at the scene in corryville right now where the flakes are falling..... snow, slick roads... and a possible re- freeze all on the table tonight. good evening everyone, i'm tricia macke. there are already school and event cancellations for tonight... we've got a team of meteorologists standing by to bring you the latest.... so let's get right to it with the chief... steve horstmeyer. weather alert animation winter weather advisory for all counties in the fox19 now viewing area except decatur co. in until
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become scattered now viewing area expected to develop from time- to-time into wednesday air and pavement temps below freezing any snow shower could cause icy patches to develop. as temperatures fall well below freezing overnight - into the teens - another issue with travel for your will be re-freezing. problem in areas with little traffic that are untreated. in addition sidewalks and bridge decks are vulnerable. cold air will dominate into next week and it looks chance of a warmer than freezing comes of rain and snow that look or a few and friday. thanks matt... you know
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snow... we wanna see how things are looking in your neighborhood. take a look at some of the pictures sent in from viewers throughout the day... if you've got some you'd like to share... it's easy! just download the fox19 now weather app... it's free and you can even text "snow" to 4-1-9-1-9
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link! and officials say the blast of cold weather might be to blame for this crane collapse downtown earlier today! you're looking at video from just an hour and a half ago. as you can see, it tilted over and crushed a wooden railing at a worksite near paul brown stadium. right now crews are holding the back end of the crane up... and trying to lift the mast. no one was hurt and officials say there was no structural damage on the project. developing now animation developing now... in the last hour... state health officials have confirmed that there are now 2 confirmed cases of the zika virus in ohio... both in the cleveland area. state officials in indiana also confirm that they have a case of the virus too. the news has several health agencies on high alert in the tri- the virus often targets pregnant women. our own mike schell is live at the cincinnati health department... mike you got a couple of statements from them... actually two advisory statments
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the zika can be transmitted through sexual contact.. the other for pregnant women who may want to hold off on traveling south of the border 1doc "it's a virus that's transmitted from one human to the other via the mosquito and here is the the flying menacing insect that's causing all the commotion... 2doc "that mosquito is not in ohio but it is throughout central and south america." symptoms include a fever, rash, joint and muscle pain, redness in the eyes and heaches "the average person that gets infected with the zika virus probably doesn't even know they 1anne "this is not something that will change your day to day life but if you the unusual step of recomending that you avoid travel to areas where zika is spreading." nat "hello, blue cocoon ashley brown- combs owns and operates a maternity clothing store in blue ash...she is also a
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2ashley "now that we're starting to see it here in the us and you know, i guess, here in ohio and indiana there's some concerns for even local transmission and exposure." a 30-year-old cleveland woman returning from haiti was found to be carrying the disease...and indiana officials would not say where their case is located in the state. the zika virus can be transmitted through sexual contact but not necessarily from mother to baby through her breast milk. 3ashley "the cdc is recommending that mom's continue to breast feed until more research is proven because the benefits of breast milk outweigh the risk of zika transmission." the zika virus can cause irreprable harm to a child's developement once the baby is born 3doc "simple low iq to even siezures, cerebral palsy or worse conditions. thanks mike... if you'd like to learn more about the zika virus and
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we've got a full breakdown right now on fox19 now dot com. the cincinnati police department has three new assistant chiefs tonight. here they are behind me: michael john, paul neudigate new-di-gate , and teresa theetge thee-gee theetge is the second woman in cincinnati history to hold the position. fox19 now's shawn lanier has her story. teresa theetge: "i've done everything the men on this job had to do." standing with the men, but she feels right at home. theresa theetge is the second female assistant chief in the department's history, and it took her 25 years to get there. she was a captain years, but she much more. teresa theetge: "i've worked in over-the- rhine. i worked in the homicide criminal i know what violent crime does to the city." she's also one of eight children, and
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law enforcement teresa theetge: four of them with cincinnati, one with hamilton county. one with hamilton county, three with cincinnati. so it runs in our blood. our father was a captain. but none of them have risen to the rank of assistant chief as she has. one of her position. my brother's who was process." theetge says this sets an example for her four children, especially her daughter. teresa theetge: "my daughter sees that as a and accomplish, even professionally she can accomplish anything she through it all theetge believes she's a perfect fit. teresa theetge: "so i think side by side i'm just you take gender out of it." reporting downtown shawn lanier fox19 now. a teen is facing making a threat toward a local high school! new information next... and we're right in the middle of the big new hampshire primary! you're looking live inside a polling location. we've got a live
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faced a judge this afternoon. joseph niemeyer will now have his case sent to a grand jury. police say he sexually abused a 7-year old girl various times over three years. at the time, niemeyer was working as a youth pastor at the new banklick baptist church in walton. if convicted, he could face at least
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a 15-year old middletown high school student is now facing felony charges for inducing panic... after police say he wrote a threatening note that included racial slurs! a school resource officer found the note... and the student was immediately removed. officials say they found no evidence of any weapons or plan, but there will be heightened security for the near future. right now a local man is in a florida jail cell after being arrested this morning on charges tied to a price hill murder. 40-year old michael prewitt is charged with shooting and killing keisha jendrysik jen-dryy-sick on purcell avenue this past december. here's a look at the scene on the day of the shooting. after police found the victim, a swat standoff started at a home nearby. at the time police say they had the suspect cornered in the house, but later found it to be empty. recently, c-p-d officials say they got a tip that prewitt was in florida, and partnered up with the u-s marshalls and orlando police to get the arrest.
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tri-state soon to face murder charges. the first primary of the season is happening right now in new hampshire.... we've got a live report from manchester next! right now we're keeping an eye on the snow. a live look in queensgate.. so how much could we get by tomorrow? steve's got the answer next....
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my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. fox19 now viewing area except decatur co. in until 6am wednesday. snow showers have become scattered around the fox19 now viewing area but more are expected to develop from time- to-time into wednesday morning. with both air and pavement temps below freezing any snow shower could cause icy patches to develop. as temperatures fall well below freezing overnight
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travel for your morning commute will be re-freezing. this is especially a problem in areas that are untreated. in addition sidewalks and particularly cold air will week and it looks chance of a warmer than freezing comes of rain and snow and the possibility that look or a few
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now and when it's all said and done... the votes could make or break some big campaigns. fox news correspondent joel waldman joins us live from manchester... joel there is alot on the line... it's do-or-die time for a trio of republican candidates.... governors chris christie and john kasich along with former governor jeb bush, all looking for a strong second- place showing... staying on the attack against donald trump and marco rubio. bush says: "he cannot hijack our party, our party will not win if we're the reactionary party." christie says: "at least i have a record. senator
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senate and no one will ever know that he was even there" meanwhile rubio is hoping to put some distance between himself and the further solidifying "establishment candidate" despite what some experts performance in the on the democratic clinton says she'll be campaigning until the end... despite polls showing rival bernie sanders with a double-digit lead here. gonna keep working literally till the last vote is cast and counted, and go from there." but new hampshire voters are notorious for making up their minds at the last minute - meaning the big wins predicted for sanders and trump aren't a foregone conclusion. sussman says: "i think these are people who say they want to buck the establishment, they want to buck what is going on overall in both parties." thanks joel... of course as the votes roll in, we'll
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on the fox19 now mobile app. we'll also have the latest results tonight at ten. tricia 1 shot now for a look at what we're working on for 10 o'clock. all you moms, imagine for a're eight months pregnant.. you know as soon as your baby is born, she'll be taken away and you won't see her for years. that's the reality for hundreds of thousands of women who are prisons. if a woman goes to she typically has abortion, adoption or placing the child with family. "when i first got here, i pregnant. i was nervous what to expect." other two kids and i was worried about putting another burden on her." but one prison right here in ohio is approach that changes how these behind bars.
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these adorable babies babies who are "born behind bars." tonight on fox, check out brand new episodes of new girl and grandfathered beginning at 8, followed by new episodes of brooklyn nine-nine and the grinder at 9. then we're right back here at 10. sot "sports animation"
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to work. the big red bags of reds equipment are tonight in the back of a truck and will start the two- thousand mile drive to sunny - warm - not snowing arizona on wednesday. kentucky speedway's g-m on the mic today downtown. nascar starts now. that's ben rhodes. kid from louisville will ride the truck series at daytona. repaving the big track in sparta just part of the big changes the g-m says will be ready by june. mark simendinger: "it's going to be one of the biggest stories in racing because we're track that is changing the race part of it. changing the competition part of it on the race track. that is
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cup weekend in kentucky is in july. this is tonight. you can't watch - we can. we'll show you these games at 10. when we go off air, the news here's a look at what's trending... a florida man is facing charges for throwing an alligator at someone in a drive- through! see the bizarre story.... and did you see peyton manning mention "budweiser" a bunch of times during his post game speech? we'll tell you why he did it. and we've got a list of the best sledding spots in the tri-state! you can find all those stories on fox19 now dot com. and steve, what are we looking at for the rest of the night? winter weather advisory for all counties in the fox19 now viewing
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next!!! most of us can't imagine not having gloves or a hat to wear during this roller-coaster winter, but some know all too well what doing without feels like.and that isfoster kids. last year, two local companies. after realizing.that kids moving around in foster nothing to put inexcept for a bag. so, phillippi- whitney d sibcy cline took action. the drive collected close to 10 thousand suitcases, duffels and backpacks for many, it was the could call their own. this year, the drive is focusing on new mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves are being
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this friday. they are expanding their distribution area to include...cincinnati, kentucky and southeast indiana. in hamilton county alone, it's estimated at 16 to 17 thousand children foster care children often come to foster care with nothing traumatized and missing their families. consider this. donating hats or mittens to "gloves for love" may seem like a small thing, but small things done with great love...can have a huge impact. steve a slippery morning commute for some. new models, tonight at ten. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them.
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